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State of the Podcast

There’s no hiding it now… the podcast is definitely LATE with the next show!

The last show was released in early May, about the time the warmer weather of the Spring season started to roll in. Around that time, David was moving forward in his career and things were starting to get busy for him. I was looking forward to being able to get moving on long needed repairs around the house that I could not do while it was cold. Well, I wasn’t “looking forward” to actually doing the work, just having the opportunity to get them taken care of. Try as we could, there was no getting around scheduling conflicts where we could record together, much less get the recordings edited and posted.

David is still going strong with his work and family life and opted to make those the priority in his life, and I respect that decision completely! As for me, I am beginning to settle down from the rush of summer and will consider a solo attempt for the continuation of this podcast. David and I both appreciate the positive comments and interactions we’ve received so far. There is still plenty of material to cover. I’ll do everything I can to continue the coverage while keeping it entertaining and informative. There is currently a set of show notes for the next episode that were planned for the May 24, 2015 episode. I will be reviewing them, revising as needed to fit a solo format, and will commence recording. I look forward to continuing the presentation of the intended timeline.

Thank you,
Jeff Salzman

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Holiday Season Memories: Your FIRST Computer

Santa Delivers Fun!

It’s 1970-something or 1980-something and you just woke up from a long winter’s nap with sugarplums dancing in your head…

Who are we kidding…?!?

You couldn’t sleep A WINK due to the anticipation of waking up one morning to see what you could find for yourself in that pile of colorfully wrapped packages.

But wait… what is that big one in the back? You push all of the other gifts aside and pull it near you. Oh my, it’s a HEAVY ONE!!! You rip away at the well crafted wrapping to reveal a…
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Podcast Feed Location Updated

In order to better distribute our podcast, we have modified our RSS feed generator. This action resulted in the creation of a new RSS feed URL for the podcast.

The new URL is:

The protocol(s) for automatic redirects to the new RSS feed have been put into place, so you shouldn’t need to do anthing. Your podcasting software should pick up on the change and permanently update the feed location. The next time you refresh or reload the History of Personal Computing podcast you should notice the update. iTunes should pick it up in 48 hours or less. Some podcast software will create duplicate entries for the existing shows because the naming convention of the podcast titles changed from the old shows.

You will probably know for sure if the redirect works after Episode 5 goes live sometime on October 31, 2014. If it doesn’t, please let us know in a comment on this post, or directly at

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Podcast Episode 4: Single Board Computers

Listen along as David Greelish and Jeff Salzman discuss several of the early single board computers, including the Nascom 1, OSI Superboard, MOS Technology KIM-1, and the COSMAC ELF.

All of the above single board computers don’t easily fit into the History of Personal Computing’s “Tier” philosophy, so this special podcast episode was produced.

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Podcast Episode 3: IMSAI 8080 and Processor Technology Sol

Listen along as David Greelish and Jeff Salzman discuss the history of the IMSAI 8080 and Processor Technology Sol computers.

The IMSAI 8080 is a Tier One computer presented as the first Altair clone computer. As such, it was chosen to be the first computer we choose in a follow up podcast after the Altair.

The Sol was a Tier One computer chosen due to its early design as an all-in-one computer (minus monitor) and having a built-in keyboard. It is also an S-100 system.

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