Holiday Memories

Just about everyone has that special memory of gifts received during the holiday season. We have published a special podcast episode where we present to you a collection of self described experiences detailing such holiday memories. You can go directly to the podcast entry here:

The list of people who contributed stories to the podcast include:

  • Adam Rosen – from the Vintage Mac Museum tells us about when he received a Commodore VIC-20.
  • Bill Loguidice – an author of numerous books, like Vintage Games and Vintage Game Consoles and proprietor of Armchair Arcade tells us about when he received his first printer.
  • Greg Polander – known as SoulBlazer online at the AtariAge forums is a listener and friend of the show, and a new podcaster with The SNES Podcast, tells us about the time he received a Commodore 128D.
  • Kevin Savitz – author of Terrible Nerd and proprietor of numerous sites, including Classic Computer Magazine Archive. He is also a co-host of the ANTIC: The Atari 8-bit Podcast. Even though he’s a big Atari fanatic, he tells us about receiving his first computer . . . an Apple II!

    Kevin Savitz with his NEW Apple II computer

    Kevin Savitz with his NEW Apple II computer

  • Mark Greentree and Kevin Allder – from the Geekiest Show Ever podcast tell us about their holiday computer gifts. Mark got a Mac LC 575 and Kevin received an Atari 2600 game console.
  • Mike Whalen – another listener and friend of the show, you can also hear him along with Jeff on a Vintage Volts episode. He received GEOS for the Commodore 64 one year.
  • Paul Hagstrom – one of the cohosts of the Retro Computing Roundtable tells us about his family receiving an Apple II+ during the holiday season.
  • Paul Nurminen – Known online as Nurmix… is the creator and one-third of the host collective responsible for bringing you The Intellivisionaries Podcast. Paul talks about vicariously enjoying an Atari 400 computer that his neighbor friend received for Christmas 1982.
  • The Retroist – Super thanks to him as the inspiration for this special. His Halloween specials were the inspiration for this Christmas / Holiday special. Please enjoy his own contribution here, as he talks about receiving a Commodore VIC-20. You should also check out his blog and podcast at
  • Rob O’Hara – a.k.a. “Flack” of the You Don’t Know Flack podcast, adds the TRS-80 to the list of Christmas memories. Rob is also a founder of the “Throwback Network” of retro themed podcasts.
  • John Leake – cohost of the long-running RetroMacCast podcast tells us about the Christmas of 1983 when he received a very special gift, a Vectrex video game system, just for him!
  • Syd Bolton – Syd is someone who had a rather unique privilege of working in a computer store at age 16 in 1987. He could probably recreate in detail a full replica of that computer store with the collection of computers he has at the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. For this show special, he talks about the some of the thoughts a mid 1980’s computer salesman might have had, considering the distinctiveness of personal computers back in the day.

Go ahead and give the episode a listen! If you would rather subscribe to our RSS feed to listen to it, you can use this link:


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