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Atari 400 and 800

Atari 800, courtesy of Justin Knight

Atari 800, courtesy of Justin Knight

Atari began development of the 400 & 800 in 1977, using the code names Candy (400) and Colleen (800).  Rumor has it that these names came from some “hot” secretaries there at Atari.  Candy was originally intended to be the next generation of the video game system, to replace the VCS.  Colleen was intended to be the true home computer with all the bells and whistles that would make it superior as a computer to Candy, including peripheral ports and expansion capability.  Some people may not know that there was actually a third machine being designed at the same time called ‘Elizabeth,’ which was the Colleen design but with a built- in 13 inch color monitor. Continue reading Atari 400 and 800…

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