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State of the Podcast

There’s no hiding it now… the podcast is definitely LATE with the next show!

The last show was released in early May, about the time the warmer weather of the Spring season started to roll in. Around that time, David was moving forward in his career and things were starting to get busy for him. I was looking forward to being able to get moving on long needed repairs around the house that I could not do while it was cold. Well, I wasn’t “looking forward” to actually doing the work, just having the opportunity to get them taken care of. Try as we could, there was no getting around scheduling conflicts where we could record together, much less get the recordings edited and posted.

David is still going strong with his work and family life and opted to make those the priority in his life, and I respect that decision completely! As for me, I am beginning to settle down from the rush of summer and will consider a solo attempt for the continuation of this podcast. David and I both appreciate the positive comments and interactions we’ve received so far. There is still plenty of material to cover. I’ll do everything I can to continue the coverage while keeping it entertaining and informative. There is currently a set of show notes for the next episode that were planned for the May 24, 2015 episode. I will be reviewing them, revising as needed to fit a solo format, and will commence recording. I look forward to continuing the presentation of the intended timeline.

Thank you,
Jeff Salzman

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