Episode 47 – Atari Portfolio and Poqet PC

This is the podcast where we take an informal look at personal computing history through the lens of eBay auctions. It’s sort of like Antiques Roadshow, but all about antique personal computers. On today’s show we’ll be covering some of the earliest handheld computers, two of the first DOS handhelds specifically, the Atari Portfolio and Poqet PC, plus perhaps some other interesting palmtop mutations.

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Motorcycles mentioned in this episode:

Jeff's 2001 HD Electra Glide

Jeff’s 2001 HD Electra Glide

David’s 2015 Suzuki TU250X



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One Comment on Episode 47 – Atari Portfolio and Poqet PC

  1. jopidoo
    October, 27th 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Great episode as always. This might be a bit out of topic with regards to the two computers being presented, but I wanted to add my comments regarding the book “Abacus to Smartphone” by Evan Koblentz that you have mentioned in the episode.

    I have purchased it about a year ago after listening to an interview episode with the author made on Floppy Days.
    It is the perfect read to learn about the evolution of the terms “mobile computing”. The stories described are extremely interesting, especially those where companies were using the word “portability” was a way to get funding for their projects, or trying to bid on a military contract; just add wheels. While reading, you can definitely see that what people were considering as portable just 30 years ago is a long way from what our smart/intelligent phones are today. The book also includes some high quality pictures of different “milestone” computers advertised as being portable/mobile in their days. A very fun and informative read that can be handled in a weekend… or on a long flight.


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