About this website

This website is a companion to the History of Personal Computing podcast and will be updated with new information, or exhibits, after each podcast episode has aired. The first podcast was released on Friday, September 5, 2014.

The History of Personal Computing is not an encyclopedia, or wiki, and it’s not trying to be a comprehensive history, as that would vastly increase the amount of information to browse through on this website. This site covers most of the significant machines which have defined what we think of as personal computers. In just browsing this website, your experience should be similar to that of visiting a museum of personal computing, with each computer topic being like an exhibit. History of Personal Computing can be enjoyable and thought provoking by just clicking through to look at the pictures, or by also digging in here and there to read the overviews. Exhibits in museums usually have a plaque with two or three paragraphs explaining the item and it’s historical significance, and that is exactly what the text in this website will do. It is the stories of the people and events surrounding the artifacts in a museum which bring them to life in the minds of the observers (and readers).

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