Holiday Season Memories: Your FIRST Computer

Santa Delivers Fun!

It’s 1970-something or 1980-something and you just woke up from a long winter’s nap with sugarplums dancing in your head…

Who are we kidding…?!?

You couldn’t sleep A WINK due to the anticipation of waking up one morning to see what you could find for yourself in that pile of colorfully wrapped packages.

But wait… what is that big one in the back? You push all of the other gifts aside and pull it near you. Oh my, it’s a HEAVY ONE!!! You rip away at the well crafted wrapping to reveal a…

…BRAND NEW (insert your first personal computer here)!!!

We would love for you to fill in that blank for us. If you have a fond memory of receiving your first computer during the holiday season, let us know the details. Contact us at with your story. We will share your story on a special holiday edition of the History of Personal Computing podcast.

If you don’t mind being interviewed via Skype instead, let us know via email and we will try to arrange a recorded interview with you.

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