And… Were Back!

David and Jeff are back “on the air” with a new, revamped format for the regular series.

After a Summer hiatus, David and Jeff have recorded the first in a series of “lightweight” regular episodes. These episodes focus more on the historical status of the vintage and collectible computing systems we all know and love. This is done through reviews of eBay auctions, and from other sources where the current state of these machines can be reviewed and discussed. This episode focuses entirely on eBay auctions.

Each episode of this series will discuss two or three items fitting a theme related to the HoPC timeline, and will also include favorite auctions personally selected by the hosts, regardless of the system of topic. The target length of each of these episodes is about 30-45 minutes, however, this episode is a bit longer because there was some catching up to do after the long break.

The topic of this episode is the IBM PC/AT

Links mention in this episode:

  • David guest hosts the Retro Computing Roundtable Episode 112

Auctions picked for this episode:

Additional auctions

Episodes of the History of Personal Computing in the original format, which provided more in-depth review and discussion about a single computing system, will continue again and be hosted solo by Jeff, and on occasion with an invited guest host.

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