Podcast Episode 4: Single Board Computers

Listen along as David Greelish and Jeff Salzman discuss several of the early single board computers, including the Nascom 1, OSI Superboard, MOS Technology KIM-1, and the COSMAC ELF.

All of the above single board computers don’t easily fit into the History of Personal Computing’s “Tier” philosophy, so this special podcast episode was produced.

You can find out more about these machines on the History of Personal Computing online museum. Click on the appropriate link:

Links mentioned in the show include:

eBay links (you may need to scroll down the linked pages to see the full auction)

Jeff’s Picks

David’s Picks

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You can download the episode directly by using this link: http://www.historyofpersonalcomputing.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/HofPC4.mp3

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