Podcast Episode 8: TRS-80 Model I

Hello again and welcome to another installment of the History of Personal Computing podcast! This is show eight and it’s going to be your last regular show of 2014. In only twelve more days, on the 24th, we will be releasing a special Christmas and Holiday Season show of collected stories about computer and gaming gifts of the past. Tune in . . . as they say, because it’s going to be a great time.

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

Jeff’s eBay Picks

David’s eBay Picks

General TRS-80 eBay listings

  • Sold – For price reference purposes
  • Active – See what’s HOT in TRS-80 auctions right now!


The History of Personal Computing podcast wants to read YOUR STORY online about the first computer you received as a gift during the December holidays. If you have a fond memory of receiving your first computer during the holiday season, let us know the details. Contact us at feedback@historyofpersonalcomputing.com with your story. We will share your story on a special holiday edition of the History of Personal Computing podcast.

If you don’t mind being interviewed via Skype instead, let us know via email and we will try to arrange a recorded interview with you.

Send feedback to feedback@HistoryOfPersonalComputing.com – We really want to hear from you by email or send an audio comment! Also, as we cover these computers, we would love to receive your high-quality pictures of the machines we’ve covered, so please start sending them in. Also, please write a review on iTunes!

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