Premiere Episode of the History of Personal Computing Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the History of Personal Computing podcast!

In this episode, Jeff Salzman plays host, along with David Greelish, in the premiere episode of your bi-weekly guide to the history and development of arguably the single most important technological advancement of the last forty years, the personal computer!

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2 Comments on Premiere Episode of the History of Personal Computing Podcast

  1. KLund1
    November, 17th 2014 at 10:37 am

    Excellent podcast! I found this through one of the 8-bit Atari podcasts. Great subject matter. I’m a computer history buff myself. Just finished up through the IMASI episode. You found some interesting stories there. There are many others for this machine in a book called “Fire in the Valley”. As well as many for others machines from this time period.
    I live near The Computer History Museum here in Silicon Valley. Your podcast is following that part of the walking tour very closely. Which I find entertaining. Well done!
    Just a minor, minor feedback about the podcast. One of you does not have the best recording/microphone equipment, and it makes part on the conversation hard to understand. Occasionally the conversations rambles off topic for a while and I find myself thinking about other podcasts until you get back on track. But all in all, a very entertaining and informative show. I look forward to hearing more.

  2. Jeff
    November, 21st 2014 at 1:26 pm

    Thank you for listening to our podcast!

    I’m probably the one with the low audio. In the earlier episodes, I was still trying to configure my setup.

    I noticed you posted your comment on this article. Since Episode 3, we moved the podcast articles to a separate section of their own. We even moved the podcast feed URL. You can find the new feed at:

    …and the new podcast section can be found at:

    As of the date of this post, we have six episodes published.

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